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CO Model Handpumps

The Model CO handpump is the original clamp-on handpump from Angram. Elegant and distinctive styling project the quality point ofsale image demanded by brewers, and the unit's delightfully light and precise action gives superb beer presentation with minimal effort, making it the handpump of choice in the licensed trade. For a larger image of the CO,click on the image at left. A SCHEMATIC drawing with precise measurements is also available.

Please Note: Angram handpumps can be special-ordered with chrome fittings.

Occasionally a replacement part is required to keep the handpump working smoothly and efficiently. Here is an EXPLODED-VIEW DRAWING to help understand how all the parts come together and what might be required. A separate exploded-view drawing is available for the CYLINDER ASSEMBLY. A PARTS LISTING is shown separately with reference codes.
Some parts are instock and can be ordered directly, while others need to be special-ordered.

The Model CO is also available in a twin handpump configuration (shown left with tubular handles) and as a triple pull unit (shown right, with black porcelain handles).