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Gravity Dispense Setup

Gravity dispense of cask ale is often the first foray that bar owners take in the world of real ale.

Below is everything you need for a gravity dispense setup.

# 40090 - Wooden Stillage
# 30055 - Firkin Insulating Jacket OR
# 30057 - Pin Insulating Jacket
# 30040 - Pack of Ice Blankets
# 12010 - Gravity Dispense Tap
# 11030 - 25 Hard Spiles
# 11040 - 25 Soft Spiles
# 30080 - Copper Drip Tray
# 40010 - Ash Mallet
# 40075 - CAMRA Guide to Cellarmanship
# 30070 - Blackboard for Insulated Jacket (for firkins only)
# 11045 - Race Cask Ventilator (This will need to be removed as
the cask nears its end to increase flow rate.)

However, there are some important practices that need to be adhered in order to present a pint of cask ale that you, the brewery, me and cask ale can be proud.

DON'T leave the cask in the walk-in and drag it out minutes before
tapping and serving. Cask ale needs to be kept at 50-56 degrees
Fahrenheit and the yeast should be allowed to settle for
at least 24 hours.

DO bring the cask out of the walk-in at least 24 hours prior to serving,
vent it, tap it and put it in its final resting place undisturbed. The wooden
stillage, ice blankets and insulating jacket will help with this.

The complete kit for firkin is $ 416.30, while the kit for a pin is $ 383.55 plus shipping and tax if applicable.

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Spile-Hard Spile-Hard

#11030 Used in the venting process. Can be used in the initial venting if a lively cask is suspected thus eliminating a beer shower. Otherwise used to seal the cask when the correct level of carbonation has been reached awaiting dispense.Should be disposed of after use.

Our Price: $0.42
50 @ $.29
100 @ $.21
Note: Please order in
multiples of 25.
Spile-Soft Spile-Soft

#11040 Used in the venting process. Allows the excess CO2 to be released. Should be disposed of after use.

Our Price: $0.43
50 @ $.29
100 @ $.21
Note: Please order in
multiples of 25.
Race cask ventilator Race cask ventilator

#11045 An automatic hard and soft spile that can be used AFTER the cask has been properly vented. Only allows air to enter the cask when beer is dispensed otherwise the cask is sealed. The advantage is that it alleviates the need for hard spiling at the end of a session and extends the life of the beer by another day or so. Will allow excess gas to escape if pressure builds. Reusable.

Our Price: $17.95
CAMRA "Cellarmanship" CAMRA "Cellarmanship"

#40075 CAMRA "Cellarmanship"
The definitive guide for handling cask ale. A must buy for burgeoning cellarmen or women.

Our Price: $24.25
Blackboard for Ins. Jacket Blackboard for Insulated Jacket (ONLY for blue firkin jacket)

#30070 Blackboard for Insulated Jacket
Excellent promotion for changing beers. Use coloured chalk pens to great effect. Laminate black board, durable and fully washable. Fastens to Insulating Jackets by means of press studs (all standard Jackets above 9 gallon size are press studded to suit).

Our Price: $36.50
Wooden Stillage Wooden Stillage

#40090 Wooden Stillage suitable for firkins or pins.

Our Price: $39.50
Gravity Dispense Tap Gravity Dispense Tap

#12010 Tap utilised for dispensing beer directly from the cask.

For your convenience the INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLEANING the gravity dispense tap are available along with its disassembly and reassembly. Print the INSTRUCTIONS for easy referral.

Our Price: $43.25
Ash Mallet w/ heavy duty shaft Ash Mallet w/ heavy duty shaft

#40010 Ash Mallet with heavy duty shaft. Much better than rubber for knocking in spiles and taps. Watch our "Tools of the Trade - Ash Mallet and Shive Extractor Bar" video to learn proper technique for the mallet.

Our Price: $44.50
Copper Drip Tray Copper Drip Tray

#30080 Copper Drip Tray
Traditional 6" copper drip bowl on brass chain and yoke. Perfect accessory for cask ales on the bar.

Our Price: $54.40
Pack of Ice Blankets (10) Pack of Ice Blankets (10)

#30040 Pack of Ice Blankets (10)
Supplied in dry form. Simple to use. These are perfect for cooling the occasional guest ale. If kept clean, they can be reused 4 to 5 times. Inexpensive temporary beer cooling. Should be used with Insulating Jacket.

Our Price: $76.25
Firkin Insulating Jacket - blue Firkin Insulating Jacket - blue

#30055 Firkin Insulating Jacket - blue

Our Price: $94.45