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Of course now that your beer has been brewed, you want to pull the perfect pint. To do that what you really want is an Angram beer engine, the Rolls Royce of beer engines. And UK Brewing Supplies, LTD. is the only authorised distributor of genuine Angram beer engines in the US and Canada. Click below to check out the different model handpumps available from UK Brewing.

The original clamp-on handpump from Angram
A recent addition to the clamp-on range using a "quadrant"action to transmit motion

CM MODEL - Counter mounting Angram handpump without the usual problems of through-the-bar fitting

CC MODEL - Cabinet design handpump requiring less space than usual. Can also be used directly on top of a dedicated cask cooler. Slight modifications required.

THE ENERGY - The stunning new "Energy" hand pump, builds dynamically on Angram's class leading CQ design . MB Model - The MB beer engine belongs to Angram's class leading CQ design, featuring new handle style and elevated spout.

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Angram MB Beer Engine Angram MB Beer Engine

#23134 Angram MB Beer Engine

A customer saw this engine in the UK and had me order one especially for him. Then someone else wanted one and another so I thought it was time to stock them. Based on the classic platform of the water-jacketed CQ model, the MB has the old truncheon style wooden and brass handle plus the unique elevated pour. This allows the customer to see the cascading cask ale as it fills the glass.
As with the CQ, it comes in a 1/4 pint water-jacketed clamp-on model. Remember it is not necessary to use the water jacket, but if you want to keep the beer that is sitting in the cylinder cool, it is easily achieved by hooking up some form of coolant.

As the MB is manufactured on the CQ platform, the CQ SCHEMATIC
is applicable.

Our Price: $620.00