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The Energy

The stunning new Angram "Energy" hand pump, builds dynamically on Angram's class leading CQ design evolving their precision manufactured beer engine while introducing a new "wave profile" plinth and impressive sculptured handles. The Energy showcases a contemporary enclosure, backed up by Angram's unbeatable precision engineered manufacturing. Truly "Fit & Forget" - The Next Generation.

As the Energy is manufactured on the CQ platform, the CQ SCHEMATIC is applicable.

The Water-Jacketed Cylinder Assembly keeps beer within the cylinder cool.

The water jacket obviously needs to be hooked up to a supply of coolant such as cold water or glycol. If glycol is used, the pressure needs to be below 30 psi, otherwise the water jacket can be damaged.

An alternative is to set up a water reservoir in your cask fridge and pump it around the cylinder. It makes sense to run it along the beer line to keep that cool as well. It is important that the pump you use is NOT a submersible as the action of the pump will generate heat in the water reservoir thus defeating the object.
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Angram 'The Energy' Water Jacketed Cylinder Angram 'The Energy' Water Jacketed Cylinder

#23124 Angram 'The Energy' water jacketed cylinder

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