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Caskerator Kit

Now everything you need to dispense cask ale except the kegerator, which we now sell separately.

We have developed this kit in conjunction with Hugh Sisson of Heavy Seas Brewery to enable you to serve cask ale with the minimum of fuss.

The most important aspect of serving cask ale is for the temperature to be correct, i.e., 50-56 degrees F. Therefore, your regular walk-in cooler will not work. One of the easiest ways to achieve the ideal temperature is to use a kegerator with the capability to adjust the temperature as high as 50 degrees F.

The next question is where should I position the beer engine, etc. With the caskerator kit all those questions are answered for you. The kit includes an Harry Mason CC single pull beer engine with a platform to attach it to the kegerator. This alleviates the need to fix the beer engine to the top of the kegerator which can be tricky. The platform is large enough to provide the stability to allow you to just sit it directly on top of the kegerator.

Watch the video for easy assembly instructions.

In addition, the kit includes everything you need to dispense the cask in an upright position and to extend the life for longer than three days. All you need is the kegerator.*

Below is everything you need for a caskerator.

# 23050 - Harry Mason CC Single beer engine
# 40030 - Cask Breather
# 40163 - CaskWidge Single
# 11040 - 25 Soft Spiles
# 40401 - 2 4-foot Hose
# 40403 - 4 Hose clamps
# 40410 - Platform to mount engine

Caskerator Kit: $1034.80

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*Many customers have asked if we sell a kegerator and which one do we recommend. We now sell a kegerator that we highly recommend.

Kegerator for Caskerator Kit

Pro-Line E-Series
Commercial grade fits one firkin or pin in an upright position.

Perfect with our Caskerator Kit. The current platform will work with this kegerator.

Adjustable for precision temperature control for cask ale.

Features include:

 •Heavy-duty stainless steel top with glass
  guard rails
 •Self-closing door with key lock
 •Reinforced stainless steel interior floor
 •Digital, adjustable thermostat
 •Interior LED lighting
 •Rear knock-out plug for gas line to help
  insure easy mounting of CO2 cylinder
  outside of unit,if preferred
 •Outside Dimension
  25" W x 30 1/4" D x 40 1/2" H
 •Inside Dimension
  20" W x 19" D x 29 1/2" H

A SCHEMATIC drawing with measurements
is available.

Kegerator: $2095.00

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For more detailed information visit HERE.

Offering a special 10% discount, a savings of $312.98, if you purchase both the caskerator kit and kegerator.
Regularly $3129.80. Discounted price $2816.82.

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Clamp for hoses on Caskerator Clamp

#40403 Clamps - Hose clamp for the caskerator kit. 4 are required.

Our Price: $0.95
Hose for Caskerator Hose for Caskerator (4' length)

#40401 Hose for Caskerator (4' lengths) - 2 are needed

Our Price: $6.00
Platform for Caskerator Platform for Caskerator

#40410 Platform for Caskerator. Attach engine and kegerator with this specially designed platform. Part of the Caskerator Kit.

For dimensions of the platform and plinth, click here.

Our Price: $150.00