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Ph: 717.560.9447 Email: Paul@ukbrewing.com

Free Advice

We are always happy to answer any questions you have or to help you get set up for cask ale dispense. Firstly, please check the faqs. If you don’t find your answer, please send us an email Paul@ukbrewing.com or call 717-560-9447.

Happy 20th Anniversary!

20 years of importing supplies for cask ale to the United States.

Thank you for all your patronage!

Here's a toast to us both!


New Low Prices on all Casks!

Due to Brexit and better pricing from our manufacturer we are now able to offer great new prices on all casks.

New Firkins and Pins

$140.00 1 to 8
$135.00 9 to 16
$130.00 17 and more

Reconditioned 12 gallon

$90.00 1 to 8
$85.00 9 to 16
$80.00 17 and more

Click here to ORDER.

Imported from the home of cask ale, England!

Kegerator for Caskerator Kit

Pro-Line E-Series
Commercial grade fits one firkin or pin in an upright position.

Perfect with our Caskerator Kit. The current platform will work with this kegerator.

Adjustable for precision temperature control for cask ale.

For more detailed information visit HERE.

Caskerator Kit

Now everything you need to dispense cask ale except the kegerator, which we now sell separately. We have developed this kit in conjunction with Hugh Sisson of Heavy Seas Brewery to enable you to serve cask ale with the minimum of fuss.

The most important aspect of serving cask ale is for the temperature to be correct, i.e., 50-56 degrees F. Therefore, the regular walk-in cooler will not work.

Watch the video.

Click for more information on the Caskerator Kit.

New MB Beer Engine

A customer saw this engine in the UK and had me order one specially for him. Then someone else wanted one and another so I thought it was time to stock them.

Based on the classic platform of the water-jacketed CQ model, the MB has the old truncheon-style wooden and brass handle plus the unique elevated pour. This allows the customer to see the cascading cask ale as it fills the glass.

As with the CQ it comes in a ¼ pint water-jacketed clamp-on model. Remember it is not necessary to use the water-jacket but if you want to keep the beer that is sitting in the cylinder cool, it is easily achieved by hooking up some form of coolant.

Give me a call for help. Paul 717.560.9447

Click to order MB.

At long last, we have
Interchangeable Pump Clips back in stock.

They have been a long time coming but we now have a simple way for you to show what beer you have on your handpump.

Through extensive research we located a manufacturer to create this product especially for UK Brewing.

Simply slip a label in and your beer on cask is easily displayed. Most breweries have images on their websites that can easily be printed in glorious colour.

$ 15.95 each

Click to order Pump Clip.

Gravity Dispense Setup

The first foray that bar owners take in the world of real ale is gravity dispense of cask ale.
Everything you need for gravity dispense in one place.

For information click here

Bar Towels Now Available

We are happy to announce that we are now offering custom bar towels.

Pricing, dependent on quantity, as follows:

$ 2.65 each for 1000
$ 2.05 each for 2000
$ 1.84 each for 3000
$ 1.74 each for 4000
$ 1.65 each for 5000

Not including shipping.
Sample in correct colors (optional) $400.
Towels made in Portugal. Lead time 6-8 weeks.

Call: 717.560.9447

Cask Force Cask Washer

UK Brewing Supplies is proud to announce that we are now the authorized U.S. distributor of Commando Cask Washer.

The Commando Cask Washer has revolutionised the cask cleaning process. The Commando can consistently clean up to 60 casks per hour (400 Series). Peace of mind comes from knowing that any cask that has been through the cycle is cleaned to the very highest of standards possible.
For more info click here.

For pricing please call 717-560-9447.


   “Paul is great to work with because he knows and loves cask beer as much as we do and his knowledge and enthusiasm is as dependable as is his service.”
    Sam Calagione
    Founder & President
    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

   “I have been working with Paul and the crew from UK Brewing since the mid 90’s. The service and support has always been the best in the industry when it comes to REAL ALE.”
    Jim Lutz
    Coastal Brewing Company

   “The leader in cask ale supplies!”
    Ray Daniels
    Director, Cicerone
     Certification Program

   “The man most responsible for bringing cask ale to America.”
    Lew Bryson
    Beer and whiskey writer

   “Heavy Seas is proud to work with UK Brewing Supplies to assist in the development of cask beer in the US. Paul helps us do our job keeping the quality in cask beer – without UK Brewing that would be virtually impossible.”
    Heavy Seas Beer